My First Book Outline

Hi, everyone!

        I'm currently taking a novel writing class, and it's finally getting my ass in gear to write one of the few books I've been tinkering with for ages now. We recently had an assignment to make an outline for our book (we have to complete three chapters by the end of the semester) and also a character outline. Well, when the teacher gave me back these he made the comments that there's not enough conflict or strong connection, but that I have a lot of material to work with. So I thought I'd post my book outline here, because, after all, once it's completed you guys will be my audience. The book I'm writing is more of a simple drama, something that people can relate to. I'm not trying to write something epic like the Lord of the Rings or a suspense novel. I'm trying to write something that a teenager, a mom, a 20 something, just anyone can pick up and see a little bit of themselves in it.

       I'll give you a small background …


“We have reached the status of relationship goals.
The kind where we can have sex and eat pizza all day.
Just each other’s company is all we need.
The kind of goals where we text “I miss you” moments after a goodbye.
Where we can cuddle and be vulnerable.
We understand our silences as much as our words.
The kind where we can cry one minute and laugh the next.
Knowing our limits and our quirks.
A relationship where honesty rules all.
And support for each other is what matters most.
Lifting each other up so that we’re better than yesterday.
A partnership where you bare your heart and I bare mine.
The nakedness of our love.
The kind of relationship where we are a unit.
No you and I, but we.
They don’t make them like this anymore.
Just two unique beings on this journey of togetherness.
Our love is rare love.
Because of you I am lucky.
A cliché of sorts, but truth overall.
I can see you making me the luckiest girl in the world for the rest of our lives.
I say “our” because I imagine car…

The Ramblings Inside My Creative Mind: What I Ask Of This New Year

Even though we’re already more than a few weeks into the year it is never too late to ask the universe what good things to bring into your life and what negative things you don’t want to follow you from the year prior.
        This new year I want to bring new and exciting journeys. This doesn’t have to mean travel, although that is part of my plan. To me it also means new paths in life that were once closed off before, but the brush is now starting to clear. This year I have returned to school after almost a decade. It’s been sort of rocky because I’ve been out of practice for so long, but I’m more excited beyond words. If there’s anything in my life that I truly love(d) doing it was learning. I changed my major from Journalism/Communications to Creative Writing and I have found my calling. I love my classes and I love being back in a classroom. This is my journey that will open up the door to more journeys in the near future and so on.
       I still have this …

The Ramblings Inside My Creative Mind: Farewell 2017

Well well well, 2017. You really outdid yourself. The last few years of my life seemed to be a downward spiral of tragedy, heartbreak, death, loss, and well little good seemed to come from 2012-2016. It took 2017 to show me that there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
        When we started I just wanted 2016 to end. We’d lost so many icons and I lost my own personal hero, my father. 2016 was probably the toughest of my life. 2017 brought me a few adventures. I was able to attend of few comic cons. Traveled to Cleveland with my best friend, (the first road trip we’ve had in years) so that I could meet Anthony Mackie. Over the course of the year I’ve met David Tennant, Billy Boyd, and John Barrowman. I got to visit my second home, Chicago, twice this year. One of those times to see my favorite band, U2. Seeing the Joshua Tree Tour was such an amazing moment that I will cherish. 2017 gave that to me. I got a tattoo to honor my father and had my mother th…
"Peeking Through", 2017(c) Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes