I Once Told You I Loved You

I thought about you all the time.
Thoughts of you made my heart swell.
I knew you were meant for me.
Feelings that I kept inside.
Scared it was only me.
A feeling so strong I could no longer keep secret.
I once told you I loved you.
Sure there would be a display of fireworks.
It took you by surprise.
You gave silence that could shake the dead.
An eternity would pass before you would answer.
An answer I didn’t want to hear.
Words worse than rejection.
A cool calm “I didn’t know you felt that way.”
Followed by nothing more.
Casual conversations continue.
My heart still confused.
Refusing to be strung along.
I say goodbye.
I once told you I loved you.
And always that will be true.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, I Once Told You I Loved You 2015©

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