The World Through My Eyes

I saw the world through your eyes.
The view so skewed.
Outlook so foggy and bleak.
I stepped outside you.
Hoping the view would be clear.
A part of you stayed with me.
The storm still clouding my vision.
I asked you to see the world through my eyes.
Hope and bright future just over the horizon.
You stayed in your bubble of doom.
Unwilling to see things clearly.
Your mind weighed down with unnecessary worry. 

I insisted that through my eyes the world had blue skies. 
You said “Even the bluest skies turn grey.” 
I tried to see the world through your eyes.
So bitter and cold. 
A world that refused to turn and let the sun rise. 
As my sun rises yours is always set. 
No way to see forward in the pitch black ahead. 
I can only see the world in my eyes. 
A few stormy days beat a lifetime of rain.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, The World Through My Eyes 2015©

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