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Day 273: I found it. I've found the bus I'd love to travel the country in.
*It's not mine, but this bus is pretty damn cool. #IAmProofOfASweetDream #MagicalMysteryTour #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
“Marching To The Beat Of My Own Drum” Asia Aneka Anderson 2015©  IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes

I Don't Wanna Be A Writer

I don’t wanna be a writer.
The thoughts that never stop.
My mind always racing.
My eyes always open.
No pair of rose colored glasses in my possession.
Seeing the world in it’s true form.
The hurt.
The pain.
Constantly aware.
I don’t wanna be a writer.
My characters are all I relate to.
Different imaginary versions of myself.
They suffer as I suffer.
No place they belong.
They understand only me as I only understand them.
I don’t wanna be a writer.
The burden is too heavy.
The plot is too deep.
Leaving all reality behind.
I don’t wanna be a writer.
I create life with the ballpoint of a pen.
I go on adventure without leaving my seat.
I dream up worlds only I can imagine.
Worlds I will never see in real life.
I don’t wanna be a writer, but it’s all that I know.

- Asia Aneka Anderson, I Don’t Wanna Be A Writer 2015©

You Have My Attention

Noticed from afar.
Drawn to the light you exude.
You intrigue my mind.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, You Have My Attention 2015©
All detangled. #Frolicious #teamnatural #naturalista #NaturalHairDontCare #naturalhair IG-AsiaAneka
Day 272: In desperate need of a hot oil treatment, but feeling this flat twist out. #naturalista #naturalhair #NaturalHairDontCare #teamnatural #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Got my tiara for my birthday cause I'm a fucking princess. I thought the wand was too much. #TeamLibra #Libra #LibraLife #LibraSeason — at Claire's. IG-AsiaAneka
Day 271: #TrevorNoah is killing it right now and that makes me happy. #TheDailyShow #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
“My Mind Is Slipping” Asia Aneka Anderson 2015©  Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes

Field Of Life

Little blade of grass.
Lift yourself in the sunlight.
Sprout to life again.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Field of Life 2015©
Day 270: It's the most wonderful time of the year. And of course it expires on my birthday. #BasicChicksBeLike #AllPumpkinEverything #Fall #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 269: Reunited and it feels so good. Finally got my #Beatles bag back. #TheBeatles #AHDN #AHardDaysNight #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 268: Two more weeks until my birthday. Not sure what to do, but I do know this: I need a change. Life is entirely too short to put up with excuses (even from myself). I want to live to the fullest and celebrate. So on my birthday I want everyone to come out. EVERYONE. Old friends and new friends. I want to build better relationships with people and reevaluate my circle. So if you're in Dayton I'll most likely be in the #OregonDistrict to catch a comedy show and/or bar hop and I plan on being unconscious that entire weekend (10/8-10/11). Come drink with me. No excuses. #TeamLibra #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 267: I am so ready for #HTGAWM. I would've put #GreysAnatomy here, but Shonda fucked up. #RIPMcDreamy. #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 266: Yaaassss! #Empire #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 265: Guess where I am?! #Chicago #IMissThisFuckingPlace #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals — at The Chicago Theater. IG-AsiaAneka
Day 264: I love the clouds. They're always so peaceful and graceful. #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka

A Little While

Can I have you for a little while?
Never leave my side.
Let me hold you close.
If only for a little while.
We cherish every moment.
Everyday is unforgettable.
Every second is pure joy.
I long to press reset.
Reliving each moment with you.
Your heart tangled with mine.
Our smiles from ear to ear.
All good things must come to an end.
An end we strive to prolong.
I put my hand in yours.
We live in our now.
I want you with me always.
But I’ll settle for a little while.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, A Little While 2015©

Love Always

With you I will be.
Care to wrap your arms around.
Soulmates we become.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Love Always 2015©
My feelings hold no value to anyone but me. I'll always be my biggest supporter no matter what, and sometimes the only one. #InsideMyCreativeMind IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes
Day 263: That last one takes some getting used to, but I'm on my way. I know I'm a good person and will always strive to be a better and peaceful me. #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 262: It's time! #DoctorWho #PeterCapaldi #DoctorSexHair #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 261: That's the plan #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka

Am I Where I Should Be?

I envy people who are happy with who they are and where they’re at in life. That must be a freeing feeling to be who you truly are and be confident and completely trusting in where you’re headed in life. I wish I had that. I wish that I could be who I am. I’m not speaking in a sense that I’m afraid to live my life a certain way. I mean that I’m not sure who I am and who I’m meant to be. I’d like to imagine that in the past I had an idea of who I was and what I wanted, but that all changed. Life took a turn and I stumbled along the way. Now I’m unsure of everything. I’m unsure of what makes me happy. Unsure of what I long to do with my life. Unsure of who I should let into my life. I just don’t know. Once upon a time I wanted to be a teacher, writer, director, photographer, and journalist. I wanted to create things that the world could related to. That need to create something that the world will relate to is still there, but my ambition to create is lost. I feel a…
Day 260: Something as simple as this announcement can bring me so much happiness and so much sadness all at once. Everything Beatles I own that I have collected for almost two decades, with the exception of a few shirts and the songs on my iPod, still lie in a storage facility. It breaks my heart that every book, movie, and piece of memorabilia is somewhere so close but so far with no help nor way to get it. But this makes me happy that maybe I'll at least have this in my possession and on the days when I need a #Beatles pick me up I can pop in this DVD. #TheBeatles #Beatlemaniac #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 259: #SouthPark all day. Ready for the new season. #YoureBeingIgnorant #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 258: Because I'm am adult. #AlcoholAndRingPops #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 257: I'm a frappe and #oreo junkie. #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals #Winans — at Winans Chocolates Coffees Wine Bar. IG-AsiaAneka
“Your Standards Don’t Exist” Asia Aneka Anderson 2015© Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson  IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes
Goodwill, 2015©
Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson
IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes
Day 256: Yesterday was wash day and I was so frustrated while trying to style my hair after and flat ironed it. Check out that length tho. #BigHairDontCare #NaturalHairDontCare #naturalista #NaturalHair #teamnatural #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 255: Finally took down my goddess braid and loving this hair flip from it. Also loving this new lipstick color #redvelvet. #naturalista #NaturalHairDontCare #NaturalHair #teamnatural #SelfieSaturday #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 254: Can't wait to try this! #ecostyler #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 253: Oh chai how I have missed you. #BostonStoker #DaytonOhio #Dayton #Ohio #937 #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals — at Boston Stoker Coffee Shop. IG-AsiaAneka
Day 252: Exactly one month away. I expect presents and lots of cake. #Libra #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 251: I can't and won't be anything but me. #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 250: my job called me this morning and told me not to come in (praise the lordt 🙏) so I've just been watching the #EmpireMarathon and I got the "been passed out all day" pillow print on my face to prove it lol #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 249: When you finally put your foot down and decide to not eat anymore snacks, but then Cold Stone is like "Nah. Get you some ice cream." Don't mind if I do, #StoneColdCreamery. #PeerPressure #WhatDiet #CheesecakeFantasy #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka

Tragic Work Tales #2

My first job was a tough one. It wasn’t tough as in what the job entailed. It was tough because I was a 19 year old kid just trying to make enough money to pay for school, get experience, and to set foot into the working world. I didn’t anticipate the amount of drama that would come with the responsibility. It was the type of drama that I hadn’t even experienced in high school. I got to see first hand how petty and backwards so called adults were. There are many things I could say about this place. MANY. I want to tell this one tale in particular because it left me the most puzzled. Trust me, I’ll tell more of this place in the future.
        I stayed with my first job for almost seven years. Most of the people in my department I got along with and loved like family. The few who barely lifted a finger even had a place in my heart (except during work hours because I was doing the majority of the work and seriously fuck them for that) but one did not. On the surfa…

Your Standards Don't Exist

The curve to my hips.
Represents unique beauty.
Void of all standards.

- Asia Aneka Anderson, Your Standards Don’t Exist 2015©
Day 248: my new pants are cooler than you. #GoodwillFinds #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 247: of course my toes match my pants. #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
I’m battling with myself over whether I should call corporate on one of my managers. A few weeks ago I started my shift and asked one of the girls in leadership what she wanted me to do since they were rearranging the section I was assigned to be in. She told me to just find an area and straighten up while they were doing the major stuff up front. As I was walking away the actual manager told me that she had a job for me. She wanted me to take some shirts that were previously folded and hang them up. There was a cart near the table the shirts were on and I asked the girls if they were using it so I could just wheel this big pile of shirts over to our fitting room and grab hangers there. The manager, I guess, got agitated, picked up the shirts, threw them in my face, and said “Just take them in the back and put them on hangers!” I’m not sure what her deal was and I was too in shock to see what everyone else’s reaction was. I don’t know if she was stressed out abou…
Day 246: I finally nailed a protective style on the first try. No more twisting my hair for a while thank God. #naturalista #naturalhair #teamnatural #GoddessBraid #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 245: Can't wait to try this. #EyebrowsOnFleek #elfcosmetics #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 244: I love these glasses. #hipster #blipster #naturalista #NaturalHairDontCare #naturalhair #teamnatural #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals IG-AsiaAneka
Day 243: tbh if I could marry chicken I would. #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals