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Goodbye, 2016

I don't have anymore tears to give this year.
No more heart to break.
I have nothing left to give.
I say goodbye to you.
You caused me a heartache like none other.
You forced me to experience life.
I've never known such pain.
I've never had such joy.
Still I say goodbye to you.
You will have an effect on me for years to come.
I still need room to heal.
The next year I hope for the best.
I hope for it to be better than the last.
To this year, I say goodbye to you.
You have made an imprint on my life.
One I'll surely never forget.
Goodbye.-Asia Aneka Anderson, Goodbye, 2016©

I Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Better New Year

Christmas is here and 2016 is almost over. My family and I don’t do much for the holidays. We really haven’t for several years now. I don’t remember the last time we set up a tree or hung up a single light. There’s only a medium sized feast and a few gifts if our budgets allow. Although our Christmases are not Christmassy this year is the most uncheerful I’ve ever felt. Last year I lost an aunt and this year my dad. Time is chipping away at my family and grief is leaving little to celebrate. Over time wounds will heal but it will be long in my future for everything is still raw. With that being said trust me that everyone I love has not been overlooked or forgotten.
         I’m not in any sort of Christmas spirit, but I am in the spirit to try and spread my love and understanding. Over the past year I’ve seen grief has not only hit me, but many people I’ve crossed paths with. Many of us will be spending this holiday as a first without a loved one whether it be a …

A Queen Unbothered

I once shed my crown for a man I thought would be king.
Ready to share my kingdom.
A hunter I thought fit to rule.
His approach fierce.
His heart seemed kind.
Suddenly a darkness showed itself.
Casting shade over a land I built.
An empire still growing.
Changing the queen in me.
It almost shook me from my throne.
Made me doubt my rule.
The darkness was brief.
Just a cloud passed over.
As I proclaimed to be unbothered.
I refuse to let a peasant in king’s clothing rob me of my riches.
I replace my crown.
Vow to never let it be removed again.
Only a true king will rule the heart of this queen.
A king who will see the royalty in me as in himself.
Nothing will crumble our empire.
We will possess a power that will never die.
A king whose approach is fierce.
His heart kind.
His love true.

- Asia Aneka Anderson, A Queen Unbothered 2016©
"Distorted World Above Me", 2016(c) Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson #InsideMyCreativeMind IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes
"Daylight Savings Time", 2016(c) Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson #InsideMyCreativeMind IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes

I happen to be both. Be the art you wish to create.

Tragic Best Friend Tales #3

Friend M is a throwback. I have (had) this friend and hotep is the closest thing I can use to describe her. Hotep may be a little harsh, but hear me out. First, let me give you the back story. Back in sixth grade this girl was actually my best friend. Then middle school hit. I can’t remember if we went to different middle schools or if she went back to her home town for a while, but we lost touch. I ran into her last year and we’ve hung out several times since. Nothing too big. We’ve grabbed a few drinks a couple times. No biggie.
        As everyone should know this year has been pretty rough on me with the death of my father. The first time I actually went out after his death was with her a few weeks after the funeral. I remember it was a Friday and I had to work that weekend. We grabbed some drinks at one of the many bars downtown, met some dudes, it was cool. Then someone decided those bars were lame and we should all go to a club on the rough side of town. I protes…

The Ramblings Inside My Creative Mind: Halloween And The Only Witches In My Circle

Let’s be honest. Halloween is the best holiday of the year. I don’t really celebrate holidays much anymore. Like Thanksgiving is just a day to pig out. Christmas is a day to just lay around in my jammies. New Years Eve is a day I just get drunk alone in my bedroom. But Halloween is different. You get to turn yourself into something amazing, be around awesome people, and enjoy everything spooky. I love this holiday. I don’t get a chance to celebrate it as big as I’d like, but I still love it more than anything.
        For years I’ve wanted to dress up as Jessica Rabbit. I’ve had many issues with that. I’m not a fan of my body so I’ve shied away from that idea for a while. I also always notice that at Halloween stores the Jessica Rabbit costumes they have do not do the real one justice, so finding that perfect red sparkly dress is always hard. What I’m getting at is that if I’m going to dress up for Halloween it has to be perfection. I mean, I cut my own hair one…

Our Mess

Look at the mess you made.
The tears you caused.
The hearts you broke.
Nothing is the same.
Everything has long since changed.
The weight of sorrow that will forever hang.
If only I could’ve fixed you.
The tears would dry.
No hearts that need mending.
That only works in a dream.
For this is reality.
The harsh reality that brings much sadness.
So we try to clean up the mess you made.
Leaving a trail of tears as we go along.
Forced to glue back the pieces of our own hearts.
Over time the mess will become smaller.
The tears will become less.
The heart will start to heal.
Still there will always be a part of us that will be broken.
Time doesn’t heal all wounds.
It only makes it easier.
This all started with the mess you made.
The mess of this thing called life.
No one gets it right.
None of us emerge unscathed.
Although this is a mess you made.
I wouldn’t change being apart of it.
For a beautiful mess it was.

- Asia Aneka Anderson, Our Mess 2016©


She’s spoiled.
Spoiled with an attitude.
Short fuse.
She doesn’t mean to harm.
But she’ll burn you quicker than the blink of an eye.
Her temper clouds her big heart.
Her anger shrouds every good deed.
She has a frustration that boils underneath.
Spoiled to the core.
Stuck up it would seem.
All of this she doesn’t mean.
She wished her love shined brighter.
She wished her patience was long lasting.
Her mind and heart cut from different cloths.
She’s not spoiled.
She’s only lost.
Lost on how to calm her mind so she can show you her soul.

- Asia Aneka Anderson, Spoiled 2016©
"Reach The Sky", 2016(c) Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson #InsideMyCreativeMind IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes

Just Trying To Act Naturally

I had the absolute pleasure, this weekend, to see “Eight Days A Week” in the theater. Anytime something like this comes along I’m reminded how much I love The Beatles. I discovered them when I was about 13 years old when the Anthology DVDs and CDs were being released. I feel like since then I’m always looking for that same feeling I had from the I first time really heard them. I know I’ll never get that *gasp* moment again, but I try so hard to find that feeling again when it comes to these four.
        Nothing reignited my love for this band the way this documentary did. It feels silly to say, but it’s true. I think it may be because of new footage as well as some great interviews included in the film. One thing that really touched me was hearing Whoopi Goldberg talk about being introduced to The Beatles music. Hearing her talk was like hearing my own story. Her speaking about people accusing her of wanting to be white because she loved them was like reliving m…

We All Don't Live Here Anymore

I hear you in the creaks of this old house.
Your smell still lingers.
I feel your presence.
Yet you are not here.
Empty rooms represent my empty heart.
We all don’t live here anymore.
This house is no longer a home.
That ceased the moment you left.
Nothing is the same.
Nothing makes sense.
I look for you around every corner.
Still all I hear are the creaks.
Shuffles on the floorboards of repeated steps of the past.
That will not be heard in the future.
The silence takes getting used to.
All I hear is your voice in my dreams.
A regular deja vu.
Waking up to be reminded that you’re no longer here.
Grasping at cracked memories.
Desperately wanting to glue back the pieces together.
Anything to make this house a home.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, We All Don’t Live Here Anymore 2016©

Another Year: The Loneliness Yet Peacefulness Of It All

My birthday was Sunday. This year was definitely different. My dad is no longer here. The past month or so has been a blur, but somehow I’ve been able to go day by day a bit easier. I guess I had convinced myself that I was healed. When I woke Sunday morning and walked into the kitchen to see my mother’s birthday card sitting on the counter I was slapped with the harsh realization that a card was missing. I keep forgetting that my life is forever changed. Still last weekend and this week has been a blur. I went to a party Saturday night and although I had fun something was off. I guess I should accept that this will be my life for a while. I already have social anxiety and depression now we add grief to the mix.
        Overall my birthday weekend was nice and laid back. I got to spend it with awesome people even though a few were missing that I wish weren’t. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have something to rant about though. Just a little something to get off my …

The Ramblings Inside My Creative Mind: Love Don’t Live Here

I give up on the prospect of ever finding love.The likelihood of it ever happening the way I imagine it seems slim to none. Perhaps it’s all my fault. I am picky. I am anti social. I do have this 80s style rom com view on romance. It’s as if I’m waiting for John Cusack to play Peter Gabriel outside of my bedroom window. Things like that don’t happen. There’s no “Your hand fits perfectly in mine” or “You complete me” or “You had me at hello”. That type of romance doesn’t exist. The feeling of being swept off of my feet by a soul mate won’t happen. Maybe a such thing as a soul mate doesn’t exist. Maybe we just run into people in life that we like enough to want to be around forever and either love or habit occurs. Twice in my life have I ran into men that I thought were my soul mates. The first one popped in and out of my life for over 14 years and cheated on me every time we decided to get serious, but because we got together so well as friends I convinced myself…
It’s come to my realization that maybe I should just blog some random thoughts here. My motivation is blah. No story ideas. My poems are all starting to sound the same. I just don’t really care about it anymore. Well I do, I just don’t know what to say anymore without it sounding stale and exaggerated. I’m still going through every emotion possible while also feeling nothing at the same time. An aunt told my mom recently about a medium she went to and my mom and I are hoping to go next weekend when I’m off of work. I’m not sure if I’m hoping it will give me some closure, but perhaps it will. I think I’m just looking for something to put my mind at ease. I want something to help me move along in this grieving process and also something to put my mind at ease about my past and future. I just want to feel like my life until this point isn’t for nothing because it damn sure feels like it. I have a hard time seeing what this life thing is all about, but I’m always hoping that…

My Words Are Me

I am my words.
My words are me.
Giving you my all with the tap of a keyboard.
This is me.
In my true form.
My words are everything I am.
There is nothing else but these words.
I write from the deepest part of my soul.
These words escape to the surface of my being.
These words are everything.
These words are my truth.
I am truth.
I am my words.
My words.
My truth.
This is all I’ll ever have.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, My Words Are Me 2016©

Tragic Crush Tales #10

Crush E is my latest in a series of men that have completely wasted my time of the past few years. I seem to be attracting a lot of that lately. Every time I find it surprising that men over the age of 23 still play games and then play victim when you call them on it.
        I first met this guy through Instagram. That was my first mistake. How on Earth did I think I could possibly take anyone serious on Instagram of all places. I don’t even remember how or why we started talking, but we hit it off really well. I got along with him, thought he was funny, handsome, and that we had a lot in common. Unfortunately he lived in Chicago and I’m not in a place financially to be able to move back just yet.
        We started talking around Halloween of 2015 and quickly exchanged numbers. We texted a lot, but for some reason he sort of vanished around Thanksgiving. I’ve said it before, but I’m not the kind of girl who likes to pester someone. We all have lives, families, …

This New Phase Of My Life

I’m still processing. I’m still dealing. I’m still going through a day to day routine as if everything is fine. I don a smile, I pop some happy pills, I make nice, and I carry on. Inside everything is still and silent. I keep going because when everything stops I’m reminded that he is no longer here. It’s been over two months and already business as usual, but how else are things supposed to be? One still has to make a living, be social, and take on opportunities. I am still here. My heart still hurts so much.
        Recently I attended a comic convention in Chicago. It’s the first vacation I’ve had in ages and was so desperately needed. For that moment in time the sadness had escaped me. I was able to feel joy for the first time in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but there was a moment, while looking through my pictures, that I thought to myself “I can hear my dad’s laugh if he saw these.” The fact that I could clearly hear his laugh let me know that…

The Ramblings Inside My Creative Mind: The Burden Of Woman At The Privileged Hands Of Man

I am not the first nor will I be the last or the only one. Us women have to go through too much to be able to live comfortably without some sort of wall up.
        I am writing this frustrated at the fact that a customer in my store today took it upon himself to invade my personal space, lean over me to stare for an uncomfortable amount of time at my name tag only to chuckle and say “Just wanted to know what your name was” when he noticed the look of disgust on my face. Why not ask my name? If you’re not asking for assistance why is the need for my name necessary at all? It isn’t. He just wanted to lean close to me because as a man he can and if I speak up I’m labeled “moody” or a “bitch”. We all are. As women we are expected to take unwanted touches, gropes, conversation, and googly eyes with grace. Why does society think that this is normal? On a daily basis at my job I have to deal with elderly men feeling the need to brush up against me or touch me to ask a …

My Five Stages Of Grief

Denial         I’ve dealt with death before, but never to this magnitude. I’ve lost grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, but nothing on Earth prepared me for this. You hear about the five stages of grief and in the past almost month I’ve felt every last one of them. They’ll come in waves. Sometimes they’ll hit me all at once. Sometimes they come out of nowhere. Sometimes there’s an absence of feeling altogether. When I first found out my dad had died I was at work. I had just left home not even 4 hours before that. He walked me to the door, hugged me, and watched as I pulled away. How can someone go from being here one minute then gone the next? I feel like I’m processing it like a child who’s learning about death for the first time and still refers to it as a long sleep. Of course death only takes a second, but at the same time how can I hug this man and tell him “See you later” and not even four hours later he’s no longer of this world? I do not un…
I will get back to posting soon. I promise.
"Dear Daddy" Asia Aneka Anderson, June 17, 2016(c) IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes *My father passed away on Friday. Two days later I have to spend a Father's day without him. My soul is forever crushed. I wrote this Friday night. Happy Father's Day, daddy. I love you and miss you more than you'll ever know.*

I'm Lost.

My father just died. It feels weird to say it. I’ve had many nightmares like this, but none that could prepare me for the real thing. I have no idea what to say. I have no idea what to do. I just keep going back to when I last saw him. He walked me to the door as I left for work and hugged me as he always does and said “Be careful.” I was in such a hurry and my hands were full so I didn’t get to hug him back, only press my head against his chest. Did I even say “goodbye” or “I love you”? Not even three hours later he was gone. How is that even possible? I can’t wrap my head around it. 
        As I’ve written about before, my father has been sick for a long time. Everyone knew this time was coming, but still it doesn’t prepare you. Nothing in life can prepare you for this. I’ve gone through every emotion possible in 10 hours and I know I go through many more in the upcoming hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Mostly I feel numb. The crying has not stopped, bu…

Dear Daddy

Dear daddy, I don’t know what to say.
I don’t know how life will feel without you.
It’s hard to know you’ll only be a memory.
Memories that I will carry forever.
I’ll never forget fishing trips and days in the park.
I’ll never forget the ways you always encouraged me.
Every big step I took in life you gave me that push.
Always telling me I could do it.
Daddy, you instilled so much in me.
You gave me your courage, knowledge, and creativity.
Traits that I never hope to lose.
That way you will never leave me.
Daddy, you were my real life superhero.
No cape needed for the feats you took on.
Not everyday was sunshine and rainbows.
But everyday was one more with you.
Every little girls father is her first love.
You showed me what a man was supposed to be.
I can only imagine I’m only single now for that very reason.
How can one settle for less after the example you set?
Anything other than your example is certainly less.
Daddy, I wish you didn’t have to go.
We needed more time.
There’s never…

Just Because The Year Is Halfway Over Doesn’t Mean New Goals Can’t Be Made

For the last few years I stopped making New Years resolutions and just narrowed it down to making my goal trying to be truly happy. No goal body weight, travel plans, quest for love, blah blah blah. I did declare that 2016 will be a good year after the horrible past few years I’ve had. I deserve a teeny tiny bit of good. Although we’re barely six months in and 2016 has been a struggle worldwide. We’ve already lost tons of legends, mass shootings and nonsense killings, and let’s not forget this circus of an election. So dammit, let me set some goals that I need to carry out through the rest of  2016. These will be my little rays of sunshine to making the rest of this year a worthwhile one.
1. To finally get this promotion and transfer that I’ve been promised for almost months now. It was a promotion I almost didn’t agree to at first, honestly. I felt this strange need to stick with my current store and be loyal to a place who has done nothing but waste my abilities, dedic…

A Question Of Beauty

What truly is the definition of beauty? How do we each individually interpret it? I can see beauty in everything but myself. I have never seen myself as beautiful. I have cute days, pretty days, and decent days, but never have I looked in the mirror and thought the woman looking back was beautiful.
I’m not sure what societal norm I base my own definition of personal beauty. I can see a plus size woman and see her as beautiful. I can see the beauty in a woman covered in tattoos, scars, or dealing with a disability or handicap. Why can’t I see the beauty within myself as I do others?
        When I look at my love life I equate the lack thereof to my looks. There’s two major problems with that. If I’m looking for a partner who will love me more for my looks above all else then I’m asking for a relationship based on something extremely shallow. The second is where is the value I should have for myself to show a potential partner that I offer so much more?…

What My Depression Looks Like

You make me unrecognizable.
To myself.
To everyone.
You’ve erased everything I was.
Now you’re all that I am.
For years you’ve forced me to evolve.
Evolve into someone who hates so deeply.
Hates so deeply everything about herself.
You’ve made me dig a hole I’ll never escape.
Such loneliness.
Such nothingness.
The only two feelings on the surface of me.
I’m suffocating.
What you’ve created can’t be undone.
I long for a rewind button.
A way to get back to my normal.
Any way to erase you.
But you’ve become a part of me.
A part that I hate but can’t let go.
Even though you’re toxic to my very being.
There’s something romantic about it all.
Like a long lost lover in a fairy tale.
But this is no fairy tale.
You are no knight in shining armor.
You’re a disease that has consumed me.
You have a hold on me.
Pulling me deeper into an abyss of nothing.
You’ve changed me forever.
Not for the better.
But you’re all that I am.

- Asia Aneka Anderson, What My Depression Looks Like 2016©

Nobody. No One.

I searched the depths of my soul.
To find out who I really am.
Down deep I found nothing.
I am nobody.
I am no one.
No identity to be had.
Master of impersonations.
Trying on others personalities.
Seeing if any taste familiar.
Mimicker of emotions.
Walking in your footsteps.
Trying to be someone.
I am nobody.
I am no one.
Unsure if ever I was someone.
Anyone recognizable.
My very being empty.
Just a shallow shell.
A shell of what should have been.
I long to morph into what I will be.
I want to be somebody.
I am nobody.
I am no one.

- Asia Aneka Anderson, Nobody. No One. 2016©

A Burden No Longer

I know that I am your burden.
I will bother you no longer.
I am sorry I have weighed you down.
The burden you suffocate yet want gone.
You’ll be free of me once my body hits the ground.
Gone in the psychical.
Free in spirit.
A burden no longer.
A memory that will sting only for a moment.
A weight you’ll no longer have to bear.
An embarrassment I’ll no longer have to endure.
I’m sorry I am your burden.
In the end I will be gone.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, A Burden No Longer 2016©

From End To Beginning To End

Stuck in your story.
When can we begin again?
Let’s start from the end.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, From End to Beginning To End 2016©

Going Nowhere

Can I move forward?
I’m stuck in the here and now.
Bumpy road ahead.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Going Nowhere 2016©
"The Winds A Weeeping" Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016(c) IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes

I Can't Live On Your Time

I thrive for your attention.
Waiting days to hear from you.
Those messages far in between make me smile.
I live by your time.
You say I never call.
I call.
You say you need your space.
I give you space.
I’m on your time still.
I hang on your every word.
Although you speak so little.
I go weeks without hearing your voice.
Days without knowing if you’re well.
Afraid to overstep these boundaries you’ve laid.
Am I in love with the man?
Am I in love with the dream?
Your image lives in my imagination.
Your touch.
Your tenderness.
Your strength.
Your passion.
It all comes from within me.
You’re in your world of infinite space from me.
While I create this magic man to sweep me off my feet.
You are not him.
Yet he looks just like you.
He says all the right things.
You say nothing.
He yearns for me as I do him.
This man loves me unconditionally.
The one who is my everything.
He sounds just like you.
Yet he is not you.
The further you pull away my need for him grows weaker.
I want to care so lit…

I Want To Feel Beautiful Too

Words of encouragement leave my mouth.
Never coming to mind.
Telling others how beautiful they are.
Their heads held high.
Mine sinks low.
Not feeling those words bounce off them to stick to me.
Fake smile.
Fake pep in my step.
Fake swing to my hips.
I say “Everything’s going to be alright.”
It’s not alright.
I’m not okay.
Everyday I wait for an awakening.
A realization of my own beauty.
Inside and out.
33 years.
402 months.
1,751 weeks.
12,255 days.
17,647,200 minutes.
1,058,832,000 seconds.
I wait.
Waiting to practice what I preach.
Hoping that when I call others beautiful I feel it too.
For now I still wallow in uncertainty.
Will I truly feel beautiful?
Only time will tell.
The clock ticks on.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, I Want To Feel Beautiful Too 2016©

The Winds A Weeping

Even on the saddest day.
Which is the longest day.
The skies could not cry.
The shock left not a tear to shed.
Not even the skies nor I could mourn.
Dry as the desert.
Empty as the clouds.
A soul of excellence among the wind.

- Asia Aneka Anderson, The Winds A Weeping 2016©

The Ramblings Inside My Creative Mind: When I’m 64 And Beyond

I think about my future often. I wonder who I’m going to be and where my life will take me when I’m in my old age. These thoughts especially come to me when I’m out, maybe on the bus, and I see older people. I look at them and think ‘Have they accomplished all the wanted to in this life?’ or ‘Do they have any regrets?’. I think when we’re all younger we make these plans and have these visions of how our adult life will be, but to most of us life happens and we get completely knocked off track. Some of us have dreams bigger than Texas that somehow never get off the ground because life has different plans. Sometimes it’s scary to think that I will never live to the potential that I see fit. I want to be that older person who has a story for everything. I want a lifetime full of tales to tell. I don’t want to look back on my life and have a ton of regrets and “what ifs”. I look at older people and for some I get a sense of sadness. ‘Did they even get to do half of th…
January 4, 2016
"I don't like my present age very much. I'm 33 and nowhere close to where I'd like to be in life. I figured I'd be done with school, have a degree, still living on my own, in a career I love, and making decent money. None of that has happened. I feel like a failure. I shouldn't be in my 30's and struggling like I am. I'd like to be about 23 or 24 and do it all over again. Not sure if I would do everything different or not. I'd like to think I would, but I don't know. I just feel like I wouldn't feel like such a failure if I was still in my 20's."

I’ve battled for years with the idea of making a YouTube Channel. I think I may make one this week. Since I’ve never really made a YouTube video it will be a big newbie experience and it’ll probably make your ears and eyes hurt, but everyone has to start somewhere lol. I got inspired by some of the people I follow on SnapChat. I even dabbled with the idea of just posting videos on my Snap and putting them together to make a video for YT, but I have no idea how to even do that, but I’ll figure it out. Probably the stuff I post will be topics off the top of my head. We shall see.
"Life In Black & White" Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016 IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes

Life In Black & White

My dreams are in color while reality is black and white.
I can’t wait to close my eyes.
Only then I come alive.
At night I thrive from my vibrant dreams.
Knowing what happy really means.
Obtaining every goal I set.
Once my eyes flutter open.
I am awaken by the bright sun.
But still my world is black and white.
I go through life in a daze.
Searching for that clear path my dreams laid ahead for me.
Nowhere to be found.
My mind in a fog when awake.
Forever reaching for that utopia.
That utopia that only exists in my dreams.
Each waking moment I try to add color to my reality.
Each attempt fades.
I wait until I close my eyes again.
Wishing to stay in my personal technicolor alternate universe.
Wanting to grasp it tightly and bring this to a reality.
When I wake I’m still holding on.
Holding on for dear life to awake in color.
Looking for a light switch to make it happen.
Black and white still.
As I daydream I bring hints of color to my reality.
Seeing glimpses of what it’s like to really …

The Ramblings Inside My Creative Mind: Cupid or Fairy?

I’ve seen some strange things in my life. It could be things from my reality or the fact that, ever since I was a child, I’ve had a very active imagination.
        Once, when I was about five years old, I saw what I could only describe as a fairy or maybe cupid. I was riding in the car with my parents. We were on our way to the drive in to see “Coming to America”. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was midsummer and extremely hot outside. Like most families in the 80s our car had a leather interior that stuck to you whenever it was hot out so it was nice to feel the wind through the open window. As that sun was going down I stared out of the window when I saw something larger than an average fly zoom past my face and into the car. I was more interested than scared, which would explain why I didn’t call out to my mom to look at this thing hovering over my lap. I’ll describe it as only my childhood brain processed it as. It was in the shape of a small human. …
I’m thinking of starting another series of blog posts about random things that have happened in my life. Anything to keep the creative juices flowing.
How my week is going Snapchat: Asia Aneka
I guess at 6 years old I already knew what I wanted to do. I need to make 6 year old me proud. #MakeGoalsHappen
"My Vows" Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016 IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes
January 1, 2016"A dream of mine is to do many things. I want to finally finish my story(ies), publish it (them), and have it (them) become successful. I know I have no say in the outcome of that last bit, but if I'm successful in the beginning steps then hopefully reaching some sort of recognition and success is all the more possible. These, after all, are my main career goals. I have many still. I want to create an art gallery/ youth center in Dayton. I want to breathe a little life back into my city. We need comedy festivals, music festivals, and movie festivals. I want to bring Chicago to Dayton. I want to find love. I want to truly be loved. That is a dream of mine. I want to make movies. I want to create something that impacts people. I want to create something that will last forever and make people think. I guess, overall, my dream is to create."
"What I Don't Deserve" Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016 IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes
"Platter Of Promise" Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016 Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016 IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes
By: Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016(c) Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson, 2015(c)
IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes
"Love Written All Over Her Body" Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016(c) Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016(c) IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes