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Tragic Best Friend Tales #3

Friend M is a throwback. I have (had) this friend and hotep is the closest thing I can use to describe her. Hotep may be a little harsh, but hear me out. First, let me give you the back story. Back in sixth grade this girl was actually my best friend. Then middle school hit. I can’t remember if we went to different middle schools or if she went back to her home town for a while, but we lost touch. I ran into her last year and we’ve hung out several times since. Nothing too big. We’ve grabbed a few drinks a couple times. No biggie.
        As everyone should know this year has been pretty rough on me with the death of my father. The first time I actually went out after his death was with her a few weeks after the funeral. I remember it was a Friday and I had to work that weekend. We grabbed some drinks at one of the many bars downtown, met some dudes, it was cool. Then someone decided those bars were lame and we should all go to a club on the rough side of town. I protes…

The Ramblings Inside My Creative Mind: Halloween And The Only Witches In My Circle

Let’s be honest. Halloween is the best holiday of the year. I don’t really celebrate holidays much anymore. Like Thanksgiving is just a day to pig out. Christmas is a day to just lay around in my jammies. New Years Eve is a day I just get drunk alone in my bedroom. But Halloween is different. You get to turn yourself into something amazing, be around awesome people, and enjoy everything spooky. I love this holiday. I don’t get a chance to celebrate it as big as I’d like, but I still love it more than anything.
        For years I’ve wanted to dress up as Jessica Rabbit. I’ve had many issues with that. I’m not a fan of my body so I’ve shied away from that idea for a while. I also always notice that at Halloween stores the Jessica Rabbit costumes they have do not do the real one justice, so finding that perfect red sparkly dress is always hard. What I’m getting at is that if I’m going to dress up for Halloween it has to be perfection. I mean, I cut my own hair one…