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"Peeking Through", 2017(c) Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes
"Watch Over Me", 2017(c) Photo: Asia Aneka Anderson #InsideMyCreativeMind IG: Asia_Aneka_Writes

Round And Round

Tragic Boyfriend Tales #8

This tale isn’t actually tragic. As in one of my Tragic Crush Tales this one isn’t about the guy. This is all about my shortcomings. I’m in no way perfect and I have to be ready to call myself out the same that I would anyone else.
        Boyfriend W is a really great guy. We actually met a million years ago back in high school. We weren’t terribly close, but we hung in the same circles and I always thought he was a cool dude. Once we graduated we parted ways only to reconnect a few years later to go to a concert. After that we lost touch for about a decade or more with maybe a few times reaching out on Facebook here and there. Of course in today’s fashion we reconnected through social media and Tinder, of all places. I had just finished dealing with a top notch fuckboy and another who only saw me as a booty call. I was still trying to dip my foot in the dating pond despite that. One night a guy from Tinder blew me off.... ok he didn’t blow me off. He was taking to long…